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How to store and wash your mask

An essential and often overlooked aspect to ensuring covid-19 safety is having a clean and sanitized masked to wear. It’s a good idea to consider having multiple masks if you forget or are too busy to wash your mask after each use. 

The CDC recommends that soiled masks are removed carefully by the earloops and stored in plastic bags or containers. It is always recommended that you sanitize your hands after touching your mask. 

Wash your mask

Depending on the type of mask you have, you can either wash your mask in with your regular laundry using an appropriate amount of detergent on a hot wash cycle or hand wash it with hot water and laundry detergent soap. Remember that if you’re hand washing, rinse the mask thoroughly and lay flat to dry, preferably in direct sunlight. 

Store it

It is important to store your unsoiled masks in a clean, dry place. The CDC recommends keeping your clean masks in a breathable paper or mesh style bag when not in use. If you have to remove your mask to eat, store it in a clean, dry place like your pocket or purse and wash your hands after removing it or placing it back on your face. 

Replace when needed

We’ve been battling Covid-19 for over a year, and some of your masks are likely getting a little tattered. Don’t be afraid to replace any thinning, old, or ill-fitting masks, and their protection against droplets will be lower than a new three-layered mask. The same goes for any inserts or mask filters - if they are not reusable or washable, they should be disposed of and replaced. 

For more information, please visit the CDC mask washing guidelines page